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to become a Certified Treasury Professional.

"Made a big difference, and a fraction of the price of AFP's materials which are close to a thousand dollars. Thank you!" Gerry B

"I could not have passed without you!" Dawn H

"Thank you so much! I don’t think I would've been as prepared (For the CTP Certification) as I was without your site."Bonnie D

"I wanted to let you know I took the CTP exam this morning and passed it. played a large part in my study program. Great resource!" Ryan L 

"I passed the CTP Exam. Thanks a lot  -- TMExam was a great resource! The Certified Treasury Professional Practice exams and Calcs were very helpful." Usha D 

"It helped me a lot!" Teresa Y

"I would recommend it.  It was a very affordable alternative compared to what AFP charges." Deb C

"Very valuable and helpful" Jeremy D

"I wouldn't have passed without it.  It was easy to use.  There were plenty of calculations on the exam, and your program helped a lot in that regard." Kim P

" was a valuable resource to reacquaint me to 'test taking' after some time away from academics" Dee W

"It was a very good tool for me, especially since I didn't order the much more expensive AFP Learning system.  The online tests and quizzes were great." Katrina R

"10 out of 10 !! " Brenda H

"Extremely helpful" David A

"I wanted to let you know I took the CTP exam this morning and passed it. played a large part in my study program. Great resource!" Ryan L 

"Excellent stuff" Paul K

"I think the site was great and very, very helpful. GREAT value for a GREAT tool. I took the CTP a year ago using only the Essentials Of Treasury Management and a three day study session. I failed (barely) the first time. Needed a tool that was more interactive and hands on. This was it. Very satisfied." Toni B

"I already passed the exam thanks to your site. Your website is great!! And very helpful" William B

"I passed! I've tried the others and yours is by far the best and still very affordable. You guys really know what you are doing." David S

"I just wanted to send along a message of thanks for the CTP Exam study tools and quiz section you provide to assist CTP exam candidates in preparing for the exam. I successfully passed the exam yesterday! The affordability of your tools were certainly worth the value, especially compared to AFP's much more expensive tools" Art B

"...thank you so much for making this available [for the Certified Tresaury Professional Exam]. Well worth the money!" Caryn T

"...without usage of your study material, I may have failed [the CTP Exam] again." Hamid K

"The site was very useful and helped out a lot [for the CTP Exam]!" Lisa L

"Perfect!" Jamie S

"I think the level of questions [in your CTP Exam practice exams] were representative for the level of questions on the exam itself. I was very satisfied" Sam Q

"These [CTP Exam Flash Cards] are a great way to study on the go... the cards are small enough to keep with me all the time." Christine J

"Very helpful for me." Mitesh V

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed the CTP exam. Thank you. Your materials were quite helpful in my preparation!" Trey K

"You and your company are more customer responsive than [the other company I used to use], I sincerely appreciate your assistance" Darryl L

"Thank you!" Erica W

"Your math practice sheets [for the CTP Exam] are unbelievable. I could not have [became a Certified Treasury Professional] without them." Steven U

"Your site was great. The price was great. The service was great. I appreciate your help so much. Thanks again!!" Raquel L

"I was concerned about the price being so low. You guys could charge so much more for this like AFP!" Jeff W

"I have told so many people about your program. Thanks so much!" Anne M

"Thanks for your help!" Emily R

"I took the test last year and did not pass. I was afraid to take it again this time with just the book so I bought your program and passed. Thank you very much for making this available to me." Michelle P

Thank you to all of the Treasury Management experts who used TMExam to pass the Certified Treasury Professional Exam. You are the reason we created TMExam for the Certified Treasury Professional exam.