TMExam FAQ's - Certified Treasury Professional Study Program

QUESTION: I am interested to take CTP Exam and would like to know what kind of CTP Exam study material is included after becoming a member

ANSWER: Your membership in comes with a wide variety of CTP Exam study material meant to be used along with the text from AFP, Essentials of Treasury Management. These CTP Exam tools not only make it easier to study but our customers have consistently achieved a higher than average pass rate to help you become a Certified Treasury Professionals.

When your payment for CTP Exam study material is processed, you will receive immediate access to all of our CTP Certificaiton Study Material:

- Practice exams using a database of over 3,000 questions
- CTP Exam calculation practice sheets
- Over 300 Printable CTP Exam flash cards
- Printable CTP Exam study sheets
- CTP Exam study and test taking tips
- Study tip and study reminder weekly emails to keep you motivated

TMExam is probably the most robust study program available for the CTP Exam.

QUESTION: How much is TMExam membership for the CTP Certification?

ANSWER: TMExam CTP Exam study material is only $149 for complete access to the most robust program available. This provides you complete access to all of our Certified Treasury Professional study material.

QUESTION: Is TMExam CTP Exam study material Guaranteed?

ANSWER: Yes. TMExam guarantees that you will pass the CTP Exam or we will extend your membership to our Certified Treasury Professional study material at no charge. We generally require that you provide a receipt that you are enrolled to take the CTP Exam, and we believe this is the same requirement if you purchase the AFP Learning System for the CTP Exam. Currently, there is a limit to the number of times you can reactivate your CTP Exam study material membership with TMExam and this is because we have had issues with account sharing and need to limit the risk of account sharing. Further details of the guarantee are available at

QUESTION: What is the CTP Exam pass rate when using TMExam Certified Treasury Professional study material?

ANSWER: Our pass rate has exceeded 85% in some testing windows. This is a significant improvement over the average pass rate of only 50% for the CTP Exam overall (source: AFP). If you think about how much you have already spent to take the CTP Exam and get your CTP Certification, is well worth what you pay for it, especially if you consider that it will cost you around $300 to retake the Certified Treasury Professional Exam if you do not pass.

QUESTION: If I use TMExam for the CTP Exam, will I need anything else?

ANSWER: We suggest that TMExam be used in conjunction with the text from AFP, Essentials of Treasury Management. Although we have had customers receive their CTP Certification and only use our CTP Exam study material, we believe combining for the CTP and the Essentials of Treasury Management text is the best way to pass the Certified Treasury Professional Exam.

QUESTION: How are TMExam Reviews and Feedback for the CTP Exam?

ANSWER: Excellent. TMExam receives a ton of emails from Treasury Management Professionals who have passed the CTP Exam and believe that it was all because of We have built an extremely robust set of CTP Certification study materials that can help pretty much anyone pass the CTP Exam.

QUESTION: How long should you study for the CTP Exam?

ANSWER: Although the CTP Exam pass rate can vary from person to person based on Treasury Management experience and education, we normally recommend studying daily for at least 2 to 3 months. We have seen customers enroll in TMExam days or weeks before their exam, but that is the exception to the rule.

QUESTION: How does TMExam compare to other CTP Exam study programs?

ANSWER: The AFP Learning System is a very good system for the CTP Certification. However, it is also very expensive, and we believe that TMExam is comparable to the AFP Learning System. If you search, you wil find other CTP Exam study material that make a lot of promises, but we have evaluated many of them and believe that TMExam is hands down the best study program you can get for around $100. This is not only our evaluation, but we have heard from members who purchased cheap material online and were very dissapointed with what they received. Keep in mind that, like the AFP Learning System, is actually created and managed by Treasury Management professionals who have taken and passed the CTP Exam.

QUESTION: Does TMExam have a contact phone number?

ANSWER: No. Unfortunately, the volume for does not support a customer service phone number. However, we strive to respond to all emails within 24 hours or less. Depending on availability, we can sometimes respond to your emails immediately.

QUESTION: What are the TMExam Discount Codes?

ANSWER: TMExam periodically offers discounts on its program with a discount code that can be used after registration. For example, currently anyone who signs up for our free study tool emails (form available on our home page) will receive a 10% off discount code that can be used.

QUESTION: AFP is issuing a new text. Will TMExam be updated for this new content?

ANSWER: Yes. Approximately every 3 years, AFP changes the text used for the CTP Exam, Essentials of Treasury Management. The new text is usually issued around November and the new exam will start in the next June/July testing window. Once a new text is issued, TMExam works to update its material and make the new material available to customers some time in February.

QUESTION: I want to join now but am not taking the exam in the upcoming testing window. Can I still enroll and be able to use by membership?

ANSWER: Yes. If you join now, you will be able to keep your membership until the following testing window. Remember, TMExam is guaranteed until you pass the exam. Check out the guarantee terms and conditions at