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Blog Post: CTP Exam Pass Rate. Becoming a Certified Treasury Professional

Certified Treasury Professional Blog post - 7/18/2013

Although AFP Does not publish the Certified Treasury Professional Exam pass rate, many industry experts believe the CTP Certification pass rate over time has been around 50% (see our note below). A pass rate this low means that the Certified Treasury Professional Exam is fairly challenging and should not be taken lightly by Treasury Management professionals.

By collecting customer surveys and counting CTP Exam study program reactivation requests** TMExam Certified Treasury Professional pass rate results show an 85% pass rate. This is a 70% improvement over the estimated average 50% CTP Exam pass rate. TMExam.com CTP Exam study tools are less than $100 for a full membership. A small price to pay for such a great increase in your CTP Exam pass rate.

Based on the information on their website, AFP says that the AFP Learning System increases the CTP Certification pass rate by 20%. That means that if you have a 50% chance of passing* the Certified Treasury Professional Exam, you will now have a 60% chance of passing the CTP Exam. That's a decent improvement and, at around $799 for nonmembers, it could be worth the boost.

Hopefully this helps you understand the CTP Exam pass rate a little better. There are a lot of factors involved in passing the Certified Treasury Professional exam, including the amount of time you spend studying, your knowledge of Finance and Treasury Management, how you study and more. However, it seems highly likely that the tools you use to prepare for the CTP Certification Exam will affect your ability to pass the CTP Exam.

For more information about TMExam study tools for the CTP Exam, visit www.tmexam.com. TMExam is meant to be used in conjunction with the text from AFP, Essentials of Treasury Management, but can also be used in conjunction with the AFP Learning System Treasury for the CTP Exam.

*Keep in mind that a 50% CTP Exam pass rate is our estimation based on historic rumor and the actual CTP Certification pass rate could be higher or lower. ** TMExam.com for the CTP Exam guarantees that you will pass the Certified Treasury Professional exam or we will reactivate your account so you can continue studying for the Certified Treasury Professional Exam. More details are available at http://www.tmexam.com/Terms&Conditions.asp