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Blog Post: Qualifications for the CTP® Exam

Certified Treasury Professional Blog post - 6/25/2013

Many people ask about the qualifications to take the CTP Exam. The CTP Certification is not available for everyone, but if you have been working in Finance or Treasury Management, there is a good chance that you will be qualified to take the CTP Exam and get your CTP Certification.

The specific requirements for the CTP Exam depends on your education, your work experience and whether or not you are an educator

The image below comes directly from the AFP website and was not created by us. You can find out more information on the AFP website by clicking here

Based on this chart from the AFP website, in order to sit for the Certified Treasury Professional exam, you will need to meet these minimum requirements. In reality, if you are interested in the CTP Certification, it is likely you will have some Treasury Management or Finance work experience required for the CTP Exam. However, if you do not have any Treasury Management or Finance you will need to meet the other requirements for the CTP Exam

There is hope if you do not meet the qualifications to sit for the CTP Exam, you can still receive a Treasury Management certificaiton with the CTPA, which stands for Certified Treasury Professional Associate, although I could not find any specific information about the qualifications for the CTPA, and is also offered by AFP (who make the AFP Learning System Treasury). Additionally, AFP offers the CTM program, which stands for Corporate Treasury Manager. It appears this is offered solely to students.