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Blog Post: What to bring on your 2013 CTP Exam test date

CTP Exam Questions Blog Post - 9/26/2013

According to the Authorization to Test, provided by AFP after you register to take your CTP Exam, there are a few things you must do and bring with you on the day of your test.

Upon arrival at your CTP Certification testing location, you will need to provide a digital signature, be electronically fingerprinted and have your photograph taken. This helps assure AFP and Pearson Vue that you are who you say you are when you take the CTP Exam.

Next, you will be required to show TWO forms of ID. The first must have a photo and cannot be expired. This can include a valid passport, drivers license, or photo bearing employee ID. The second must not be expired and can include a Military ID card, citizenship card, drivers license, a valid credit or debit card with a signature, a Social Security card, or an ATM card. Additionally, AFP points out that Student ID's and draft classification cards are not acceptable to sit for the CTP Exam.

Lastly, all of this information must match your name as it appears on the Authorization to Test for the CTP Exam (with a few exceptions). If it does not match or if you do not have the appropriate identification, or if you miss you CTP exam date for any other reason, you will be required to pay an $80 no show fee.