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Blog Post: How many people take the CTP Exam each year?

Certified Treasury Professional Blog Post - 10/08/2013

Have you ever wondered how many people take the CTP Exam and obtain their CTP Certification each year? It's not as many as you may have thought...or maybe it is more than you thought. The number may surprise you.

According to AFP, approximately 2,500 people sit for the CTP Exam each year. Although the Certified Treasury Professional test taking number is low when compared to exams like the CPA or GMAT, it is much higher than other Treasury Management Certifications, like the CertITM and CertICM, which have about 300 exam takers each year.

The average pass rate of the CTP Exam of 50%, which means that only about 1,250 people who sit for the CTP Exam receive their CTP Certification - Note: According to AFP, the average pass rate for the Certified Treasury Professional exam is 50%, but the CTP Exam pass rate may be higher or lower than 50% in any specific exam.

The low number of CTP Exam test takers compared to other, larger, exams is actually a great benefit if you are considering taking the Certified Treasury Professional, or the CertICM or CertITM for that matter, because when you pass the Certified Treasury Professional exam and receive your CTP Certification, you are becoming a member of an elite group of Treasury Management Professionals who have proven they have the Treasury Management knowledge necessary to become a Certified Treasury Professional.