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Blog Post: The TMExam.com Guarantee to Pass the CTP Exam from AFP

CTP Exam Questions Blog Post - 9/20/2013

TMExam has offered a guarantee to pass the Certified Treasury Professional Exam since its inception. We believe that our program is one of the best available and think it's important to make sure that customers have access until they pass the CTP Exam, for up to 14 months. The vast majority of our users do not require a second attempt at the exam, but in case you do your subscription remains valid for up to 14 months from receiving your payment.

The TMExam guarantee is simple, if you do not pass the CTP Exam or if you transfer your CTP Exam to another testing date, we will extend your membership with TMExam at no charge. Currently, we are limiting the number of renewals to 14 months, but that may change in the future since some customers can wait a year or more to retake the CTP Exam. Of course, we always have the ability to make exceptions in extreme circumstances and are more than fair if needed. This is all in line with the terms and conditions of TMExam. We may request a copy of your registration or receipt to take the CTP Exam because we have found some customers sharing their CTP Exam study program login information with others - keep in mind that it is not free to offer these great study tools and it is difficult to continue offering CTP Exam study material when customers share their login information.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the TMExam CTP Exam study program Guarantee, or for any other information on the terms and conditions of TMExam.com.